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“Rey was tasked with the difficult job of cleaning up our website backlinks that were unethically formed by a different company, without dropping our ranking on google! And she has blown me away with the results she has delivered. Not only did she clean up our backlinks, she has built strong, healthy backlinks and increased the organic traffic to our site! She has gone above and beyond and also helped us to improve the functionality of our website! I am so grateful that we have found Rey and YESiCAN.”

Georgie Maroudas

”YesICan digital has succeeded in driving greater lead volumes of better quality to the site aiding reduced marketing spend and aquisition costs through both SEO and SEM efforts.

Scott Kennedy CEO, Compare Broadband

Rey was tasked to analyse and interpret hitwise data to provide insights and strategic direction to AGL. The result, a clear understanding of the energy market players and switcher consumer online movements. This defined her strategy, tactics and measurement over all AGL digital marketing channels to deliver greater effectiveness on aquisition and retention that current levels.

Scott McLaughlin Partnerships and Channel Growth, AGL