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Social Media. Shhh.. Listen and Learn

It’s more than an advertising channel

In a noisy social media world, we often forget to simply be quiet and listen. Social media and social media listening is a powerful tool that business must integrate into its marketing strategy as a source of customer’s voice and market intelligence and, as a channel to understand and communicate with the “new breed of customer that is difficult to influence, persuade and retain” 1).

Australia loves Facebook!

The ‘Digital in 2017’ report revealed Australian’s are the most frequent users of Facebook, with three-quarters of its users checking it daily compared with 55 percent globally 2).  Furthermore, women spend almost two hours more on social media a week than men 3).

Social media use

In Australia, women also are the controllers of the household budget and have a more significant influence in overall financial decision making 4).

Facebook audiences are increasingly using social media to air their frustrations with products, services, and brands, therefore, brands need to be listening and start utilising this increasingly growing trend 5). Businesses should integrate social media listening into its marketing strategy as an opportunity to improve its competitive position with excellent customer service, fixing issues, creating new forms of customer value that will attract and build strong relationships with them 1).

Social Media Listening can be Competitive Advantage

Social media has made it easier for customers to develop new communications and tactics to aid them to have their say in more stages of the buying process 1). The example below is one of a leading Australian women’s fashion retailer. It didn’t take more than one swipe to find these issues. This particular brand with a relatively low cost low-cost high-quality consumer telling them where they are not delivering value, concerns and what may be happening in the marketplace and that competitors may have similar offerings as alternatives 1).

Social Listening comments

These Facebook posts display an array of feedback the retailer can improve on the following:

  • Delivery and Shipping
  • Customer Service Support
  • Cancellations and Refunds
  • Complaints and Dispute Resolution
  • Ethical Fast Fashion

It is advisable that businesses listen to this kind of feedback and act on these customers. It could not only ensure it gains greater retail sales but it could save itself from a loss of brand reputation and loyalty particularly if these complaints escalated to the mainstream media and become unmanageable 1).

Modern marketers regardless of whether their business is bricks and mortar or online must understand the how social media must be integrated as part of the holistic integrated marketing strategy with two-way communication, openness, cooperation and an honest commitment to listen and help rather than traditional one-way methods to control the customer 1).

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  1. A really informative article, I enjoyed reading it!!

  2. Great article, really like the way you broke everything down and highlighted: “Businesses should integrate social media listening into its marketing strategy as an opportunity to improve its competitive position with excellent customer service” Companies are beginning to listen more and social media is becoming more of a 2 way channel

  3. Really enjoyed reading this article. I very much agree that businesses need to listen more to their customers conversations on social media and react appropriately to improve brand strength and therefore their business!

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  9. Really enjoyed reading this post! I do agree that businesses need to be paying close attention to the communities created online by the conversations customers have with each other. The use of social media is growing rapidly…and can be dangerous for businesses if it is not monitored. The majority of customers who voice their opinion on social media about a company usually are wanting to share their negative experiences or views that they feel they’ve had or have with a company. This is why it is vital for businesses to keep an eye out on negative comments and respond in a way that can “fix” the situation to prevent losing customers and avoid turning potential customers away.

  10. I love that you made the link to this weeks topic (strategy) so clear. Hits the marking objectives really easily.
    You are the first one out, so all credit to you. To build the impact of your blog I would make the ‘sell’ more clear for your audience. Highlight 1 or 2 key takeaways and especially be specific about what they should DO as a result of those takeaways. You have great takeaways, but giving the audience more of a ‘to do’ point would help sell your ideas even more.
    I love your points of it being a two way channel, as that is its major benefit over other channels. Some great points, well referenced, and a solid narrative!