General SEO Questions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process where your “organic” growth or “natural” growth develops through online visibility through unpaid search results, as such SEO can target a certain type of content specifically, such as videos and as such can alter your businesses online presence.

The time that it takes to gain organic growth is dependant on several factors. However the main three include:

  • The competitiveness of the industry
  • If the site has been previously penalised for several reasons
  •  If SEO has taken place beforehand

Search engines such as Google will use complex algorithms which take into account the quality of other websites as well as the topic that it believes you are searching in order to sift through information and determine which site is the most relevant.

SEO is an ongoing process which has no end date, as such this is why SEO’s will monitor the progress of your site against others in order to maintain an established position.

Unfortunately, one person will never see the same results as another due to each search being personalised to the person, meaning that your previous search history is being taken into account, however search engines aim to taper the results to what you are looking for.

Due to the fact that SEO takes your search history into account (which will differ from your phone to your computer) your results will be different depending on your device.

Technical SEO Questions

Yes, Google Maps does contribute a lot to your ranking by using organic results to link people to your website through the map. This can be an effective means of SEO and bring traffic to your website.

This may be due to Google changing their algorithms to ensure poor quality sites or over optimization does not occur.

If there is a new update on Google, it will tend to penalise those websites that do not match or adhere to the new requirements. Usually, if you have included lower quality links or over optimised content Google will affect your ranking when a new update emerges.

Inbound links are links that come from other websites but if clicked on reach your website, these can be very important when trying to establish authority over other sites.

This tends to depend on your business, as some may decide to purchase a small PPC and have a growing SEO campaign which caters for both buying traffic yet still getting organic growth. Usually, SEO is longer term whilst PPC is immediate.

There are many ways to make sure you get indexed by Google, however if you have currently not yet been indexed YesICan Digital can help!

SEO and My Needs

The purpose of an SEO is to generate traffic to your website, as such this will help with business development and growth. This being said if you’re primarily an online business it is highly recommended that an SEO is used.

SEO’s rates differ depending on the competitiveness of your business area or the amount of work required to get your site to highest place on the page. This will also change depending on whether this is Local SEO, National or International SEO campaigns.

SEO will drive traffic to your website which can result in sales and business development. This will increase your profit and revenue without the overlay cost.

Attempting to try SEO on your own can often be a lot of trial and error which can often lead to damage being caused to your website and online presence. YesICan Digital is equipped with the correct tools and skill required to help your business out the correct and successful way.

It is important to choose an agency that is trusted and can give you proven results that ensure you’re in safe hands is essential. YesICan Digital is a boutique yet highly qualified and professional team that has a number of successful and clients and would be more than happy to help anyone achieve their businesses rightful success.