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Hiring search marketers for SME & Startups is daunting. Many tech start ups have developers to build the product. marketing comes after, therefore when its time to hire marketing, they can find it challenging. With limited budgets, they want to hire in-house and require so many different skills and disciplines in the modern technological age. So you’ve defined your business needs digital and search marketers but then do you hire an agency, outsource offshore or hire an inhouse all-rounder. All of these options have thier pros and cons.

If you choose to hire in-house to the untrained, hiring a digital marketer can be daunting. With SEO and SEM moving at such a fast pace, yet it being so critical to business success, how do you ensure you hire the right person?

How Yes I Can Digital Helps Hiring Search Marketers:

Yes I Can is here to help screen candidates, prepare questions that will cut through the industry jargon and aid in the interview process.

    • “Define the Job Description”, ensure you build out the right job description to attract the right talent and set the expectations from the onset.


    • Create a short candidate list” once your ad goes up on Seek or LinkedIn, you’ll most likely get bombarded with candidates all using acronyms such as SEO, SEM, PPC, CRO, SMM and crazy tool names such as ahrefs, screaming frog, hotjar. We’ll sift through them all, do the phone screenings for you to select from 20 shortlisted candidates.


    • “Sit in first interview” As industry experts, we’ll create technical questions to interview for skill and knowledge. We’ll sit in the interviews to ensure the answers are up to scratch so you can focus on behavioural and cultural fit.


    • “My Recommendations” Provide recommendations on who to recruit, what ongoing support, training and even budgets they will need to succeed at the role.

Benefits of Self Hiring with YICD versus Digital Recruiters

  • Save up to 50% on recruitment agency fees
  • Save time and have greater control
  • Build up your knowledge to do it yourself next time
  • Employ for skill and values
  • Gaining hiring assistance from a trusted, experienced and local source.

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Example Interview questions to ask a Junior to Intermediate Search Marketer

SEO means different things to different people? What does it mean to you?

Ideally they will define SEO around the three components of technical, onpage and off page seo that require paid, owned and earned media.

If the candidate responds with  ranking position 1 in Google, thats a red flag.

Is SEO dead? Why or why not? If not, what is your plan for an integrated SEO campaign as an example?

This question depends on many variables but SEO is definately not dead!

Ideally they would audit the site, all onpage and off page SEO elements, any Google ads and facebook ads along with analytics set up and conversion tracking. That would provide baselines and opportunities to build out the strategy.

What bid strategies are most effective in Google Ads for an e-commerce start up?

This is a loaded question at best? It would depend on the network, campaign objective and conversion volumes.

What is the difference between Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager and Google ads?

  • Analytics is for User insights of what they did on the site
  • Search Console offers crawlability and search engine insights
  • Tag manager is an enabler to get tracking without the need of the dev team
  • Google ads is googles advertising platform previously named adwords.