To aid in a seamless onboarding process, we need to gain access to many of your digital assets. Follow the instructions below but if you have queries, do not hesitate to email

Thanks for the opportunity to build your business and take it to the next level of growth.

Google Properties | Analytics, Ads, Tag Manager, Search Console/

Google Analytics

Google Analytics User Management

Google Tag Manager (If you have it)

  • Provide access
  • Login to your google analytics
  • Hit the admin cog
  • Then hit user management
  • Add user
    1. email address
    2. Provide admin account permissions
    3. Publish container permissions
    4. Hit add
tag manager stage 1
tag manager stage 2

Google Ads (formally Adwords  – if you have it)

  • Email with the CID number
  • Once you email me the CID, I will send you an invite.
  • You will receive an email that you’ll need to approve.
  • Once approved we have everything we need.
tag manager stage 1

Google Search Console (formally Webmaster Tools)

  • Provide access
  • Login to your google search console
  • Hit the admin cog
  • Then Hit users and property owners
  • Hit add new user
  • Add email
    2. Allow full access
    3. Hit add.
search console step 1
search console step 2

Your IP Address

whats my IP Address

Website Access | WordPress or Shopify/

WordPress  (If you have it)

  • Provide access
  • Login to your WordPress site
  • From Dashboard look for Users – hit add new
  • Complete the add user details, ensure you provide admin rights and hit send user notification
  • Then hit add a new user
  • Also do this for staging.yourdomian if you have it.
wordpress user access step 1
wordpress user access step 2

CPanel  (it will be with your host)

  • Determine your host, the common ones are
    • go daddy
    • crazy domains
    • VentraIP
    • and many more
  • Email –
    • Login URL
    • User Name
    • Password
crazydomains login
ventraip logins

Social Ads Access | Facebook /

Facebook  (If you have it)

    • Steps to request access to an ad account:
    1. Contact the owner of the Ad account.
    2. Ask them to go to the Ad account tab in their Business Manager and click Assign Partner.
    3. To give you access, they’ll need to enter the number below and choose a role.
      542549392763878 Yes I Can Digital
facebook PPC step 1
facebook PPC step 2