At Yes I Can Digital, we are all about helping each other. We invite you, a specialist in your field to share your knowledge and ideas to help small and medium business. Simply write and submit your guest post article to Yes I Can Digital for approval.



  • Build your personal Brand: You will share your knowledge and we will take care of promoting you to our small business audience via our social assets and eDM database. We encourage you to share the content when its posted for greater brand proliferation.
  • Links to your website & social: We will be sure to include links to your website and include your profile on the blog.

Please read through our guest blogger guidelines to ensure a seamless approval process. By doing so will speed up the process of getting your article published and promoted on Yes I Can Digital.

No guarantees

If your content piece has been submitted, it does not mean its approved. It will go through an internal approval process to decide if it will be published. We will aim to provide feedback, but we’ll ignore posts if they are spammy, self-promotional, too techie, full of buzzwords or off-topic.


Our readers don’t want spam and neither do we.  One backlink will be added to the bio or in a paragraph where your site is complementary to the article topic. as a result, there is no need to add contextual links that are purely for promotional or SEO purposes.

Editorial Guidelines:

  • Article Word Count:
    A minimum of 600 words is required but no more than 2000 words but keep in mind quality will trump quantity. If there is a short 600-word quality article, it will be published over a long winded 1500 word article. Quality is key!
  • Links: Links or references to substantiate statistics or claims are required. If you can’t substantiate it with an outbound link then we will not approve the content. Links are permitted as long as they are relevant and the context is organic.
  • Original content: Blog content must be original work. To ensure so, all content will be scanned utilising Copyscape to ensure no duplicate content or it has been published on other sites. Previously published articles will not be approved nor published.
  • Content Ownership: Once published, Yes I Can Digital has copyright ownership to your content. It must not be published anywhere else.
  • Images: We will accept and publish images or graphs that are relevant to your article and support the content. All images must be owned and licenced by the person or body submitting the article.
  • Grammer Editing: All articles will be edited for grammar, punctuation, style and content by our team where appropriate. If articles are poorly written they will not be approved.
  • We do not pay Contributors:  We simply promote and house articles to our community of small to medium businesses.
  • Content Must Be Relevant:  Yes I Can Digital does not accept articles on the topics of gaming, religion, politics, violence, adult content, racism or any other topics it deems not relevant.
  • Inappropriate and offensive content: Disclosing someone’s personal information, contains offensive language, opinions or has a political agenda and/or discriminatory material will not be accepted. The publishing of content is at the discretion of Yes I Can Digital and it will only accept content that is business-worthy, professional and relevant to its audience.

Tone of Voice

Yes I Can Digital’s core purpose is to help small to medium business. Therefore the tone of voice should be educational yet warm, thoughtful, and nurturing. Your aim is to make readers ones feel as they have learned something new without being patronised and they have been cared for.

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