Upskill Your In-House Marketers & Save on Agency Fees

Google Ads (formerly AdWords)

Many small businesses just don’t have the money to spend on costly agency fees or are suspicious that the account is on “set and forget”. Unfortunately, many businesses also fall into the trap of “going it alone” or getting the wrong person on the job. Google promotes a self-management but to the untrained eye, it can be very costly.

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) can be an effective and affordable source of leads for small businesses. But without the knowledge or experience,  many businesses set up and run their AdWords campaigns resulting in high costs and low conversions. Don’t fall victim to what the industry has named the “Google Idiot Tax” with Yes I Can Digitals Google Ads Training that will set you up for self management.

Before training with Rey, Google Ads was like a foreign language. Training using the Dinner Twist account has provided the technical know how the Google ads certification doesn’t while solving day to day challenges.  Rey provides the perfect support and the session videos remove the hassle of taking notes so I can concentrate on learning.
Krystal South, Marketing Manager, DinnerTwist

What is the solution, you ask:

Yes I Can Digital will

  • “Set it all up for you”, ensure you have the right campaign structures, keyword match types, bid strategies and importantly, tracking all set up.
  • Upskill your in-house marketer” over a 12 week period on Google ads so that you can manage it in-house and save on agency management fees.
  • “Support packages” means you’re not going it alone. Rather than digging around forums and sifting through the noise to find credible and accurate answers to your questions, shoot Yes I Can an email and we’ll answer it for you sometimes via video so you can visualise the solution and action it in a fraction of the time it takes you to mine the internet.

Google Ads & Tracking Set Up

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Keyword research - selection
  • Campaigns Set Up
  • Go Live
  • Completion in 4 weeks

Self Management Training

$3000 2 hrs p/w
  • Campaign Set Up
  • Ad and Landing Pages
  • Optimisation & Tests
  • Maintain and Expand
  • 12 week course

You’re Supported Packages

fr $300 2 hrs p/w
  • additional 1 hour - 10% off
  • additional 2 hour - 15% off
  • additional 3 hour - 20% off
  • additional 4 hour - 25% off
  • additional 5 hour - 30% off

Google Ads Course Guide

  • Settings & Bid Strategies
  • Campaigns & Adgroups
  • Keywords + Match Types
  • Ads & Extensions
  • Metrics & Optimisation

** Note, you can choose one, two or all three options. Mix and match to what best suits your business needs and budget.

Google Ads Set Up, Self Management & Support Outcomes

  • Save on agency costs on retainers
  • More control, know you are not on “set and forget”
  • Upskilled your team
  • Engaged and valued employees = loyalty and reduced recruitment fees
  • Save on time and keep up to date easier by a trusted and experience local source.

Google Ads Self management versus Agency Questions Answered

What is the cost of an experienced SEM marketing marketer?

According to PayScale a senior SEM can earn up to $113,000 Aud per year lot of money for a small business or startup for a specialist field. Upscaling your existing staff can help manage your biggest cost, staff.

How much do agencies charge for SEM services?

This question depends on many variables. The competitiveness and level of keywords/campaigns that need management will have an effect.

There is no uniform way to charge but ways some charge is

  • take a % of spend
  • retainer – flat monthly fee
  • hourly rate

Due to the level of detail and management that requires time, many agencies will set and forget, or worse still outsource the management offshore to remain competitive. So if you are seeing “cheap” rates, I’d suggest you ask some questions.

So How Much Will I Save?

You’ll need to do some maths here:

  • What is your current staff members salary difference in hiring an experienced SEM?
  • What is your agency currently charging you for Google Ads management a month? Add 4 months and then remove the cost of set-up and my 12 weeks training program to get the answers you need.
  • What is the cost of recruitment? Recruitment costs could be avoided by upskilling your current team.

Should I get the Support Package

Yes, it will save you hours of time digging around forums and mining the net to find the solution to your problem. With a support package, you can flick an email and the team here will provide you an answer quickly.

“As you grow older, you realise, you have two hands, one for helping others, and one for helping yourself”

Audrey Hepburn