Enterprise SEO
Cross Functional Alignment = SEO and Commercial Leadership

Many people will define SEO in many ways, which is one of the biggest issue in any business but is even more challenging in enterprise businesses.

Generally, the SEO sits in the marketing department, yet is in a silo.  That poor person has challenges in getting leadership buy in, or cross-functional help simply to do thier job well. Successful SEO requires cross-functional teams and collaboration and the breakdown of silos and turf wars.


Silos – and the turf wars they enable – devastate organizations. They waste resources, kill productivity, and jeopardize the achievement of goals.
Patrick Lencioni

SEO is a science as well as an art.

seo periodic table 2019

Who makes SEO successful?

Search engine lands 2019 periodic table reveals that SEO requires collaboration from the following teams;

  • Tech departments
  • Content and PR departments
  • UX & CX teams
  • Social media teams
  • Product

What is the solution?

Yes I Can Digital will Run 2 days cross-functional in-house seminars

  • Guide your teams on cross-functional responsibilities and needs for SEO success
  • keep your digital agencies on thier toes, ensuring your teams are asking the right questions and pushing the right strategies.
  • Engaged employees who are winning will have more fun and less likely to leave, increasing productivity, sales while reducing recruitment fees.

Enterprise – SEO Cross Function Seminars

  • Why is SEO important?
  • What is SEO really?
  • Who does SEO?
  • Cross Functional - How?
  • What needs to be done?
  • What Winning Looks Like?
$8,999 2 days

Enterprise SEO Collaboration Seminar Outcomes

  • Cross-functional collaboration resulting in SEO & Commercial Leadership
  • More control with agencies and intermediaries
  • Upskill your team(s)
  • Save on time with more agility in the execution of digital strategies.
  • Engaged and valued employees = loyalty and reduced recruitment fees