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  • No online visibility or presence
  • Limited digital acquisition strategies & channels
  • Expensive Cost Per Leads


  • YesICan’s digital strategy & execution enabled Xplor to be visible online through SEO and other search engine tactics.
  • Xplor was able to diversify its lead channels reaching a higher number of educators and services


  • Online visibility at 28.37% and leading direct competitors.
  • Increase site visits 56% Jan17 v Jan 18
  • CPL drop 27% Jan 17 v Jan 18

Xplor reaps the rewards of having a digital presence & diversified lead channels

Xplor is a child care management software that enables parents to experience their child’s early learning journey through a live feed of photos, videos and activities. By automating roll-call, attendance, rosters, reporting, payroll, invoices, payments and HR, it also reduces the admin burden on educators, freeing them up to focus on teaching.

” YesICan digital have made Xplor visible. From online visibility of zero to now being most visible compared to our four biggest competitors across thirty-three relevant keywords. We are now acquiring leads organically.”
Matt Varley – COO 

The Challenge: No online presence

Xplor’s ethos is to change education.  To be successful, it must communicate effectively with childcare service leaders, educators and parents, at the right moment, solving their admin issues with new edutech but also answering questions with content. This requires a method that that captures administrators and educators attention and allows them to connect and engage with Xplor.

Childcare administrators and educators are buried in paperwork and administration. Xplor’s software offers the solution to free them up to teach. But without an online presence, Xplor had to find a way to reach the administrators to let them know they have an edutech software that will give them time back. Xplor was not ranking on any CCMS, childcare software related words, therefore, would not appear in the search engine results pages of Google.

Lastly, Xplor needed a website that was search engine optimised but also could capture marketing qualified leads from various channels. It also had to connect to tracking and analytics tools so the team could access insights, and could optimise the site and marketing communications and acquisition channels.

The Solution: Reach unutilised demand pockets by competitors

YesICan Digital and Xplor teamed up to map out a content strategy which provided the keywords and messaging themes its target audience was looking for more information about. Content creation was easy to digest, short and sharp, utilising a combination of primary and secondary keywords and ensuring questions the administrators or educators had were answered. These many content themes were gated and distributed through desktop and mobile channels across the website, social media, pay per click, email and other digital channels.


The Results:

Using YesICan Digital to formulate and execute a holistic digital strategy to answer administrator questions and concerns, Xplor has become more efficient with its lead channels and marketing spend.

The Results Speak for Themselves:

  • Increase site visits 56% Jan 17 v Jan 18 due to the various traffic channel
  • Online visibility at 28.37% and leading direct competitors.
  • CPL drop of 27% Jan 17 to Jan 18

“As you grow older, you realise, you have two hands, one for helping others, and one for helping yourself”

Audrey Hepburn