• No online visibility or presence
  • Limited digital acquisition strategies & channels
  • Expensive Cost Per Leads


  • YesICan’s site & information architecture ensured ItalCeramics rank quickly on head terms after site launch.
  • ItalCeramics was able to cater to its growing mobile audience with a mobile-first approach.


  • 20 Head Terms ranking on 1st page of Google
  • Increase site visits 36% Aug17 v Aug18

Integrating SEO before Site Design and Build Results in Head Term Rankings For ItalCeramics

A family business, established in 1979, Ital Ceramics operates from the same location on Lygon Street, Brunswick. The boutique showroom undergoes constant refurbishments and continues to evolve with the latest product trends available and has been designed to showcase every aspect of our product range to make it easy for our customers to choose the tiles that suit their project needs.

” We now have a professional responsive website that ranks on generic head terms. YesICan digital didn’t just build a website, they ensured potential customers could find ItalCeramics online.”
Vince Loverso, CEO and Owner

The Challenge: Dated and Non Mobile Friendly Website

ItalCeramics not only services the public but also the trades. Tradesmen are often searching on site and consumers on the go. For that reason, a modern and mobile responsive site with clickable phone links was a necessity for ItalCeramics to be able to serve its customers via the mobile internet.  To be successful, it must ensure it ranked for local search terms and more awareness head terms for its speciality of Italian tiles. To do this, it required a method of understanding the site and information architecture required to ensure SEO best practices are considered at the time of site design and build.

It is a common mistake that ItalCeramics had made with its legacy site. Build it and SEO it later. This becomes challenging and more expensive and Vince had learned not to do this again. ItalCeramics was not only non-responsive it was the site was dated and was not ranking on any Italian Tile local key terms, therefore, would not appear in the search engine results pages of Google.

Lastly, ItalCeramics needed a website that was SEO friendly and optimised so that it could drive phone calls and quotes online. It also didn’t have any sort of tracking in place to gain insights on its customers, their behaviours so they could better target their social media marketing communications and acquisition.

The Solution: YesICan reached unutilised demand pockets by competitors

YesICan Digital initially engaged in detailed keyword research to understand which keywords were more attractive and how to target them. This provided the site and information architecture with keyword thematics the target market was most interested in ensuring relevant content being served to prospects and customers.

The new site build ensured that both onsite and technical SEO best practices where implemented. These included no additional cost to implement the SSL certificates for https, site speed improvements, semantic search markups and on page SEO.

As ItalCeramics is a family business with limited budgets, YesICan Digital provided a user manual so that they could update stock, service hours and other content on the site without the need of ongoing webmaster or developer costs.

ItalCeramics Mobile Site

The Results:

By incorporating SEO before the site design and build, ItalCeramics reaped the rewards and cost savings of not having to “SEO the site later”.

The Results Speak for Themselves:

  • Increase site visits 36% Aug 17 v Aug 18
  • 1st-page rankings for 20 head terms.

“As you grow older, you realise, you have two hands, one for helping others, and one for helping yourself”

Audrey Hepburn