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  • Google Ads were not delivering quality leads
  • Low conversion and capture rates
  • Expensive Cost Per Leads


  • YesICan’s Google Ads strategy & execution enabled Impact Hygiene to increase lead quality and revenue per sale.
  • Impact Hygiene was able to reduce its cost per leads and gain a positive ROI for nine consecutive months


  • Increase CTR from 4.35% to 7.20% driving better quality leads.
  • Increase Revenue for nine consecutive months by a minimum of 37%
  • CPL drop 49% Feb 18 v Aug 18

Impact Hygiene Experiences Better Lead Quality and a Greater Revenue per Sale

Impact Hygiene is a delivers hygiene restroom services and supplies for industrial and commercial businesses in Melbourne, its surrounds, Geelong, Ballarat, and Traralgon. With nearly 20 years experience in the industry, Impact Hygiene can manage the entire hygiene facility from plumbers to toilet paper removing any restroom hygiene issues.

” YesICan digital’s first month resulted in 460% growth in revenue in a highly competitive space with established players.  We’ve experienced nine consecutive months of continued growth and positive ROI. I trust YIC wholeheartedly, the results speak for themselves.”
Travis Wiffen – CEO and Founder

The Challenge: Adwords = Nil return on ad spend (ROAS)

Impact Hygiene loves restrooms but a key advertising channel was proving to be challenging from lead volumes, quality of leads and the cost to acquire a lead.  To be successful, it must ensure its communicating value to the right target audience, at an efficient price due to the competitive nature and larger established enterprise-level competitors. It requires a method that that captures the attention of office managers via AdWords (Now Google Ads).

With many competitors dropping service levels and increasing prices, Impact Hygiene with excellent customer service at competitive prices, expected greater lead volumes from its Google ad spend. It found that searches and impressions existed but Click through Rates (CTR), and conversion rates were soft.  Without professional management of Google’s Ads platform, Impact Hygiene was suffering from brand awareness and revenue point of view.  Impact Hygiene was also not tracking the phone calls derived from Google ads but also which keywords, therefore, was not engaging in the correct bid management to get the best out of its campaign.

Lastly, Impact Hygiene’s site tracking was limited. It also had to connect to tracking and analytics tools so it could access insights, and YIC could optimise the Google ads for greater lead and customer acquisition.

The Solution: Hyper-targeting and inbound call tracking

YesICan Digital overhauled the Impact Hygiene Google ads account with a hyper-targeted thematic account restructure resulting in higher customer relevance. With relevance, Impact Hygiene experienced greater CTRs, quality scores and conversions enabling a lower CPC, Cost per leads and ultimately ongoing recurring monthly revenue. With higher quality leads, it experienced higher revenue per sale. Implementing inbound call tracking aided Yes I Can with a complete view of what keywords were driving calls to be able to optimise the account and execute impactful bid management effectively.

The Results:

Using YesICan Digital to formulate and execute a hyper-targeted Google Ads strategy to ensure quality over quantity. Impact Hygiene has become more efficient with its Google Ads via, and marketing spends while experiencing a high return on ad spend.

The Results Speak for Themselves:

  • Increase CTR from 4.35% to 7.20% driving better quality leads.
  • Increase Revenue for nine consecutive months by a minimum of 37%
  • CPL drop 49% Feb 18 v Aug 18

“As you grow older, you realise, you have two hands, one for helping others, and one for helping yourself”

Audrey Hepburn