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  • No online visibility or presence
  • Limited website traffic
  • Required greater appointments


  • YesICan’s local SEO strategy & execution enabled Brighton and Richmond Osteo Clinics to be visible online via local suburb search queries and near me queries.
  • Richmond and Brighton Osteo were able to drive appointments from surrounding suburbs and reaching a higher number of potential patients


Brighton Results

  • Online visibility at 30.67% and leading direct competitors.

Richmond Results

  • Online visibility at 33.62% and leading direct competitors.

Brighton & Richmond Osteo Clinic Local SEO Drives Greater Online Bookings

The Brighton Osteopathic Clinic and Richmond clinics were opened in 2011, providing excellence in manual therapy. All of our osteopaths are registered with the Osteopathic Registration Board of Victoria and are members of the Australian Osteopathic Association.

” YesICan digital has made the Brighton Osteo and Richmond Osteopathy websites more mobile friendly, engaging and visible online. They both now enjoy greater website traffic which translating to a more significant number of appointment organically.”
Daniel Surkitt  – Business Owner & Osteopath 

The Challenge: No online visibility and limited website visits

A significant challenge for Brighton and Richmond Osteopathic Clinics is to gain Osteo appointments and repeat business from the Localised target markets and getting their sites on the first page of Google using organic methods.

To be successful, it must communicate effectively with those requiring treatment who live in Brighton or Richmond and their surrounding suburbs.  To do so requires a method of local SEO that allows them to appear for suburbs and near me searches, particularly on mobile devices.

A person requiring treatment is generally suffering pain and wants to visit the closest and most convenient place to them that will “fix” them with care. Without a localised online presence, the two Osteo clinics have had to rely on directories such as the yellow pages and word of mouth to reach new patients.   Both Osteopathy sites were not ranking for search queries beyond their brand name; therefore, they would not appear in the search engine results pages of Google for those who didn’t know to their brand.

Lastly, both Osteopathy sites required technical search engine optimisation for a better website experience so users could easily make bookings online without having to call reception freeing admin staff to focus and service the patients in the waiting room.  It also had to connect to industry-specific and Google tracking and analytics tools so the team could access bookings and insights, and further optimise the site and acquisition channels.

The Solution: Capture "Near Me" Search Queries and Surrounding Suburbs

YesICan Digital and Brighton and Richmond Osteopathy Clinics teamed up to define the target suburbs which provided the keywords and messaging themes its target audience required more information.  The suburb content utilised a combination of primary and secondary keywords along with the semantics. It had to be easy to digest, short and sharp and “mobile first” to capture “near me” search queries. Each page the ability to book online from the page to remove any barriers to book on the go.

Brighton Osteo Pre and Post Local SEO Online Visibility

Brighton Osteo Pre Local SEO Visibiity
Brighton SEO Post Local SEO online Visibility

Richmond Osteo Pre and Post Local SEO Online Visibility

Richmond Osteo Pre Local SEO online Visibility
Richmond Osteo Post Local SEO Online visibility

The Results:

Using YesICan Digital to formulate and execute the local SEO strategy, Brighton Osteopathic Clinic and Richmond Osteo Clinic both are gaining bookings from local organic search queries, and they have become more efficient with their lead acquisition channels.

The Results Speak for Themselves:

  • Brighton
    • Online visibility increase from 16.94% to 30.62% and leading direct competitors.


    • Online visibility increase from 11.57% to 33.43% and leading direct competitors.

“As you grow older, you realise, you have two hands, one for helping others, and one for helping yourself”

Audrey Hepburn